Fire protection, flood, earthquake, chemical accidents management. Emergency management. Occupational Safety and Health Care.

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Under the auspices of the

Under the auspices of the:
Ministry of interior of the Republic of Serbia, EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT

Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs

Project team
  • Zoran Gligorić, Project Manager
  • Ljiljana Andrejević, Market Мanager
  • Ivana Višković, Market Мanager - Assistant
  • Suzana Grahovac, Market Мanager


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e-mail: 112@sajam.rs





Fair outline

Emergency management. Fire fighting. Fire Preventive – Structural Fire Protection. Rescue management. Flood, earthquake, chemical accidents management. Preventive. Occupational safety and health care. Medical care in emergency situations – disaster relief. Critical Data Protection/Recovery.

Integrated System 112 - for emergency response. Equipment, tools and special vehicles for fire and rescue intervention. Vehicles and equipment to operate in the presence of hazardous substances and dangerous materials transport. Equipment, vehicles - institutions for medical emergencies. Thermal video surveillance systems in specific applications. Preventive Protection against floods, earthquakes, chemical accidents. Preventive Protection of Critical Public Infrastructure in emergency situations. Protection of Critical Energy Facilities for the production and transmission of electricity production and transmission of gas and oil. Protecting high-risk public facilities: chemical, pharmaceutical industry, wood industry, airports, ports, highways, public facilities. Forest protection in emergency situations. Protection of Critical Municipal Infrastructure facilities for Water Supply. Traffic Control in Emergency Situations. Road safety - road, Rail transportation, tunnels safety. Safety and health at Work. Personal and collective equipment for health and safety at Work. Medical and other equipment for disaster response and disaster relief. Insurance as a Prevention Factor of emergency situations.

Exibit range
112 - Integrated System for Emergency Situations

Fire brigade vehicles
Crew transport vehicles
Elevating rescue vehicles
Hose carrying vehicles
Implement trucks for hazardous goods
Logistic support vehicle
Recovery vehicles, mobile cranes
Vehicles for interchangeable equipment/ container vehicles

Special vehicles
Fire engines for tunnels
Oil field fire-fighting vehicles
Remote-controlled vehicles
Fire extinguishing robots
Water-borne and amphibian vehicles
Rescue boats

Disaster rescue vehicles
Decontamination vehicles
Reconnaissance vehicles
Ambulance and care service vehicles
Disaster relief vehicles
Mobile command centers
Mobile kitchens
Recovery and rescue service vehicles
Supply and support vehicles; other

Vehicle equipment

Fire extinguisher, fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishing agents
Aerosol fire extinguishing systems
Explosion protection systems
Fire blankets
Fire extinguisher container
Fire extinguishers (portable and mobile)
Fire hoses
Fire receptacles for aircrafts
Fire swatters
Foam extinguishers
Foam proportioning systems
High-pressure fire extinguishers
Spark extinguishing systems
Fire extinguishing agents and additions
Foam compound
foam concentrate
Fire extinguishing pumps

Ambulance vehicles

Fixed fire extinguishing installations and systems
Automatic sprinkler systems
CO2 fire extinguishing installations. low pressure, high pressure
Explosion suppression systems
Fire extinguishing systems using halocarbon gases
Fire-extinguishing water technology
Foam extinguishing systems
Gas fire extinguishing systems with chemical fire extinguishing agents
Inert gas fire extinguishing systems
Kitchen fire protection systems
Local application fire protection
Permanent inerting fire protection systems; fire protection with oxygen reduction systems
Powder extinguishing systems
Safety of machinery - fire prevention and protection
Water fine-spray sprinkler system, high pressure, low pressure
Water mist fire supression systems
Water spray systems

Structural fire protection
Cable coatings
Fire protection boards
Fire protection claddings; fire protection for revision notches
Fire protection for cable ducts; Fire protection for jointings
Fire protection insulating layer for stelle
Fire protetion insulating layer for wood
Fire restisting closure
Fire/ flame retardant paint; fire restistant plaster; insulation layer forming
Insulating materials
Safety building materials and components
Safety cables
Steel and other metallic building materials
Fire barriers
Fire-extinguishing water retention systems
Roof structures
Wall elements, fire walls, firefighting partition walls
Emergency Orientation systems and signposting

Technical and operational building fire security
Technical and operational fire protection
Alarm systems
Fire alarm systems
Fire prevention systems
Flame barriers
Home detectors, (fire alarms)
Lightning protection equipment
Safety tanks and containers
Smoke and heat discharge systems (mechanical and natural)
Ventilation systems
Uninterruptable power supplies
CCTV video surveillance Intruder systems
Access control

Appliances and equipment for disaster control
Shelters/ refuges
Water conditioning and foodstuffs preparation
Clearing and supporting equipment
Collecting containers and transport systems
Cutting and separating equipment
Environmental hazard prevention equipment
Generators and lighting equipment
Lifting and pulling equipment
Rescue equipment

Measuring and detection apparatus
Chemical detection apparatus
Gas measuring apparatus
Search and rescue devices
Vibration detection and warning devices
Optical search and rescue devices
Radar search and rescue devices
Temperature measuring apparatus
Thermal imaging cameras

Safety at work
Personal protective equipment
Breathing protection,
Eye protection, safety glasses
Ear protection
Head protection, helmets
Hand protection, gloves
Arm protection
Safety shoes
Protective shoes
Leg protection
Skin protection
Accessories and components
Protective clothing
Chemical protection suits
Disposable clothing
Heat and fire-resistant clothing
High-frequency protection suits
Life jackets
Acid-resistant clothing
Protective clothing for sand-blasting
Protective clothing for welding
Radiation-proof clothing
Diving suits
Full protection suits
Warning clothing
Weather protection clothing
Corporate Wear
Careerwear, officewear
Fabrics for protective wear and workwear
Health at work - Rescue, emergency, first-aid, and (para) medical equipment
Disinfection equipment and apparatus
First-aid materials
First-aid tents
Stretchers and accessories
Radiation protection equipment
Respiratory apparatus
Washing and drying systems for clothing and accessories
Ergonomic equipment
Hearing test equipment
Eye test equipment
Medicines and pharmaceutical preparations
Eye irrigation
Breathing equipment
Defibrillation equipment
Emergency showers
Rescue equipment
Prevention and Therapy
Absenteeism / sick leave
Prevention of back problems
Prevention of stress
Prevention of addiction
Hygiene and sanitary supplies
Disinfectants, disinfection equipment
Hand cleansers
Towel and soap dispensers
Hygiene and sanitary supplies
Hygiene analysis
Cleaning machines
Standing workstations
Telephone workstations, call centers
Lighting systems for workstations and the ...
Anti-glare concepts
Temperature control
Protection for non-smokers
Catering in the workplace / healthy eating
Catering in the workplace
Nutrition advice
Drinks vending machines

Security at Work
Fire protection / Safety products & systems
Preventive fire protection
Fire extinguishing equipment and substances
Fire alarms
Gas detectors
Smoke alarms
Protection against radiation
Measuring equipment for radiation
Insurers for fire and disasters
Electrical Safety
Electrostatic, safety equipment
Earthing and short-circuit devices
Insulating materials
Low-voltage equipment
Low-voltage switch equipment
Safety switches
Tools, insulated
Air pollution control
Extractor plant and equipment, precision ...
Adsorption agents
Plant and equipment for separation of solid,
Plant and equipment for air pollution control in ...
Air pollution control agents
Air conditioning systems
Air washers
Dust filter agents
Noise reduction / silencers / vibration protection
Noise reduction / silencers
Sound-proof walls and panels
Cabins, capsules, shields
Vibration dampers
Environmental protection at work
Waste collection and transport
Water and waste water treatment
Site remediation
Environmental protection at work
Waste disposal services
Management / safe handling of dangerous ...
Transport of dangerous substances
Noise levels
Noise volume
Temperature control
Providers of measurement technology services
Safe equipment and systems
Emergency shut-off equipment
Emergency exit protection devices
Personal safety installations and equipment
Safety lighting
Lamps, hand and forehead
Safety guidance systems
Warning signs
Safety devices for machinery (general)
Standing areas
Cleaning agents
Tread safety, floor coverings and coatings
Facilities, equipment
Working platforms
Safety containers, cupboards and cubicles
Workshop equipment
Special tools
Toolbags, tool cabinets
Laboratory equipment and installations
Transport and vehicle safety
Safety during transport
Third party vehicles on site
Loading safety
Internal transport
Lifting equipment
Lifting and transportation aids
Storage equipment, storage facilities
Quality assurance
Control processes
Equipment, instruments for managing
Functional safety
Electronic controls
Site and item safety
Access control (e. g. turnstiles)
Emergency technology
Sabotage / fraud prevention
Barriers, demarcation zones
Installations and accessories
Windows and trapdoors
Gates and doors
Safety glass
Schedule monitoring
Safety audit and certification
Safety training
Safety organisation

Critical urban infrastructure
Vital community services
Water and waste management
Energy management

Professional asscoiations
State authorities


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Participating countries: Serbia, Germany
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Outdoor space: 920 sq. m
Visitors: 3.034









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